Why BRC-721?


  • Our collection will be minted using the newly proposed BRC-721 specification
  • The specification is decentralized and trustless
  • It guarantees a legitimate and verifiable piece of our collection for our users
  • Using the specification allows us to add metadata and link together our collection
  • We do not need to take any prepayments, everything is done on-chain


Due to limitations of the Bitcoin chain, it is very difficult to verify whether an ordinal is part of a bigger collection. This is currently done off-chain on marketplaces and on the project's website or social media presence. The BRC-721 specification solves this issue by using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to digitally sign each piece of the collection, linking them together.

No prepayment

Normally, ordinals have to be minted first by their respective creators and then transferred to the actual minter.  The InscriptionManifest metadata allows us to share all the information needed to mint your own legitimate piece of the collection without committing it to the chain first. This means that the user is directly in control of the mint. We do not have to take any pre-payments and you do not have to trust us to give you your NFT. It's decentralized and trustless.

Additional metadata

Through our collection, we tell a story to our users. Giving our NFTs additional traits and attributes allows us to tell a richer story. In their current state, ordinals cannot possess this additional metadata. The BRC-721 specification enables projects such as ours to tell a richer story and provide our users with more utility by adding metadata.